• Multiple positions.
    Explore different positions with ease and comfort.
    Doggy Style, Cowgirl, Missionary, 69,
    the whole Kama Sutra.
    Always with easy and unobstructed reach
    of the genitals or other areas
    of the supported person or sex doll.
  • Bondage.
    Use Bondage Sex to spice up the moment.
    Tied up your lover or sex doll in your favorite position.
    Bring to live that fantasy you always dreamed of!
  • Multiple uses and Privacy.
    Save money, space and privacy.
    It looks and can be used as a massage table or a Workout Station .
    Only you will know it's private main use.
  • Take the Grey Challenge!

Welcome to the GREY SEX Machines Website

Introducing the Eros Gym. For the most intense workout ever!

The Eros Gym is now available for purchase through our Indiegogo campaign WITH GREAT DISCOUNTS AS PERKS. Go to www.indiegogo.com and search for the Eros Gym or Click on this link:




The following Slide Show will give you a better idea of the Eros Gym ™ versatility:



The Eros Gym ™ can give you the 50 positions of Grey, to take your sex live to the next level...Great for couples of any Sexual Preference, who want to overcome the monotony of sex in bed and are ready to try something different, erotic and pleasurable….


The Eros Gym Motion-Simulator can turn your Sex Doll into a realistic Sex Machine. Check it out in the Video page.


and very soon you could be having the erotic sex you always wanted with your partner...


or your sex doll could be the active partner you always wanted...


or you could be having the bondage sex you always wanted with your lover....


In a short time, you could be enjoying the most intense, pleasurable and satisfying

sex you always dreamed of.


Discreet package that will be sent as an exercise equipment.


Disclosure: The Eros Gym showed are prototypes and may slightly change after improvements during the manufacturing (already in process).

All models in photos and videos were at least 18 years of age at the time of photography or videotaping.

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Latest News

September 25, 2014

Coming Soon

The Eros Gym ™ will be available for purchase Sunday 28th through our indiegogo campaign.

September 25, 2014

Look for the link:The Eros Gym: A Home Gym for Hot Sex & Kinky Play

Don't miss this golden opportunity to buy the Eros Gym at a discounted price. For more information visit www.indiegogoo.com.

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